Discover Russian

Learning a foreign language is like going on a diet. In the beginning, you are excited about the prospect of fitting into skinny clothes or looking great at the beach. Then a few days into the diet the excitement wears off as you realize how long it will take, and what you have to do to make it. To find a diet program that works consistently, you need to make it fun as well as effective. Maybe you watch movies while you run on a treadmill every morning, or treat yourself to a weekly cheat meal as a reward for your efforts that week.
In the same way, it can be exciting to think about walking through the streets of Moscow, reading the signs, talking with the locals, and immersing yourself in the culture. But when you study your brains out for 30 minutes to learn 5 words and can’t remember them the next day, it is easy to get discouraged. You need a consistent program that is not only effective, but fun (so you don’t quit). This is what Discover Russian is all about: Fun, effective, consistent learning. You pace yourself based on the amount of time you have in your schedule.
There are two parts. Part one is the audio program. This is designed to be done during the parts of your day that don’t take a lot of brain power, so it will have zero impact on your schedule. For example, commuting to work can be a stressful experience with people cutting you off, road construction, train crossings, and so on. Pop in the audio program, and the commuting minutes will fly by and you will arrive at work stress free. Other activities that lend themselves to the audio program are exercising, cleaning the house, getting ready for work and mowing the lawn.
Part two are the video games. I’m guessing you’ve probably already bought a book on learning Russian. Maybe you’ve even read it. But, I’ll bet you didn’t do all the exercises at the end of the chapters. Why? Homework is boring! Who wants to do homework? Yuck. But learning Russian by playing video games? That makes it fun.
That’s it. Follow the program consistently and you’ll pop out the other end speaking, understanding, reading and writing Russian fluently.

The fun way to learn Russian